lambda nordica’s editorial board comprises three editors-in-chief, one book review editor and one secretary.

Jenny Björklund Jenny Björklund is editor-in-chief of lambda nordica since 2012. She holds a Ph.D. in
Comparative Literature and is Associate Professor of Gender Studies at Uppsala
University. Her research interests include twentieth century and contemporary
literature, cultural studies, queer theory, feminist theory, and body/embodiment
theory. She has published a book on female poets and Swedish modernism, and
she is the co-editor of a critical anthology of essays on the Swedish feminist writer
Agnes von Krusenstjerna. She is currently at work with a project on family in twenty-first-century Swedish literature. Her latest book is Lesbianism in Swedish Literature: An Ambiguous Affair (Palgrave Macmillan 2014).

Ulrika Dahl has served as editor for lambda nordica since 2009. She is a cultural anthropologist and associate professor of gender studies at the Centre for Gender Research at Uppsala University. Dahl has worked on among other things, gender equality and heteronormativity, formations of gender studies in the Nordic region and intersectional perspectives on queer femininities and on critical femininity studies. Among her publications are the monographs Geopolitics of Nordic and Russian Gender Research 1975-2005 (with Ulla Manns and Marianne Liljeström, Södertörn 2016) Skamgrepp: Femme-inistiska Essäer (Leopard, 2014) och Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities (with Del LaGrace Volcano, Serpent’s Tail 2008) and a range of articles in among other journals Feminist Theory, NORA, Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap and Gender, Place and Culture and in different anthologies. Currently she does work on queer family formations and futurities and leads the project Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region at Södertörn University.

Ann-Sofie Lönngren book review editor

Karin Lindeqvist secretary

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