New Issue 1/2017 Open issue

The first issue of 2017 is an open issue with a Nordic focus; the authors come from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and they explore queer themes and issues in the Nordic region. While the authors deal with the Nordic region, they remain careful not to reproduce geopolitical categories in the telling of queer stories. The articles reflect some of the diversity of Nordic queer studies by addressing a wide range of themes: gender dysphoria in autobiographical texts by Finnish trans people, queer automobility in interwar Sweden, and homoerotic poetry by Norwegian writer Åsmund Sveen. In the We’re Here section Kaisa Ilmonen, Mathias Danbolt and Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen take issue with the status of queer studies in the Nordic region.

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New Board Member

Lambda Nordica has the pleasure to announce that Anna Lundberg has been elected as new member of the board of directors. Lundberg is succeeding Jenny Björklund. Jenny will continue to as editor in chief  together with Ulrika Dahl. Anna Lundberg is associate professor and works at Tema Genus, Linköping University. With four years of experience as editor in chief for Tidskrift för Genusvetenskap (Journal of Gender Studies), Anna brings valuable knowledge to our association.

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New Issue 3-4/2016 Queering histories and temporalities

Queers in history and queer history are hardly new topics to those of us concerned with LGBTQ studies. As we come to terms with, or research, what it means to live in bodies and movements that are outside what is considered ”normal”, many of us find comfort in realizing we are not alone, nor are we the first. The articles in this special issue demonstrate the continued importance of approaching histories and temporalities in a critical way. The contributors come from the Nordic countries as well as other parts of the world, and they represent a diversity of perspectives on histories and temporalities. They bring out with clarity that viewing history from queer perspectives means being critical of stories of success, since the usually hide the marginalization of people who are excluded from the success. They also highlight the importance of remembering and documenting the past; several contributions deal with questions of queering the archive and the very idea of queer archives.

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New Issue 1-2/2016 Queering Femininity

THE TIME HAS COME for lambda nordica to both queer and query femininity and to make a contribution to Nordic Critical Femininity Studies. While (queer) femininity continues to have a bit of bad reputation, it is gaining growing interest internationally. Offering articles and essays in both Swedish and English, this issue features new work by leading and emerging scholars and offer a range of new and creative approaches to (queer) femininity. How can the notion of an inevitable glitch offer us a theory of femininity as broken technology? What can make up and the made up contours and surfaces of Russian femininities teach us about ”natural whiteness”? What does the pariah from feminine fame manifested in a 19th century theater divas reveal about ideal forms? And what might a focus on trans*feminine experience of femi-negativity and transmisogyny bring to a broader field of femininity studies? Along with creative writings on new gurlesque literary figures and a juicy reconsideration of what statistics on bisexuality bring to reconsidering femininity, this collection shows that femininity is far from a superficial topic.

Tryckta exemplar av 1-2/2016 Queering Femininity  är redo för leverans den 15 november 2016.

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New Issue 4/2015 – Queer Aging

In a culture fixated on youth and health there is something inherently queer about aging. But what does it mean to age queerly and how do queers experience aging? In this special issue, a growing research field and urgent matter for many queer researchers, we present articles and essays, which take these questions as their point of departure. Authors address a range of themes; the article section includes a theoretical contribution on the issue of positive aging and an article on how older lesbians feminists experience close relationships and community. In the essay and We’re Here section the contributors offer autobiographical and moving accounts of the timely subjects of queer widowhood and the aging queer body. Put together we hope that this special issue will spark new thoughts, raise additional research questions, and contribute to continues discussions on age among queer researchers and activist.

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(Svenska) Rapport från årsmötet 7 mars

Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.

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(Svenska) Årsmöte 2016

Sorry, this entry is only available in Svenska.

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New Issue 2-3/2015 – Gender Trouble 25 years

Judith Butler’s Gender Trouble (1990) has been called the single most important work in shaping the development of queer and feminist theory in recent decades. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Gender Trouble, this special issue of lambda nordica specifically takes stock of some of the impact it has had in Nordic queer and feminist studies. We present work by scholars from different fields and academic generations and with different takes on the significance of Judith Butler’s interventions and contributions. With four articles and three essays, this double issue thus offers both theoretical insights and personal reflections. Some shed new light on themes from Gender Trouble such as performativity and the question of ontology, while others show the impact and uses of Butler’s ideas and concepts on both academic and activist practices.


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Seminar for Lambda Nordica’s 25 year anniversary

(only in Swedish)

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lambda nordicas newsletter nr 3-4 2014


Nr 3-4 2014 of lambda nordica: Kinship & Reproduction

This special issue edited by Ulrika Dahl and guest editor Jenny Gunnarsson Payne offers new perspectives on the timely themes of queer kinship and reproduction and is drawn from the workshop Reproducing Kinship, Queering Reproduction: Familial Bonds in the Age of Assisted Reproductive Technologies organized in Stockholm in 2013. The articles and essays by anthropologists, sociologists, and media scholars critically engage and extend the so far largely Anglo-American dominated field of queer kinship and reproduction studies. Presenting empirical data from case studies in Finland, Russia, Greece, and Sweden, topics such as lesbian motherhood, queer will-writing, gay men and transnational surrogacy, queer biology, and kinship theory are addressed.





Queer Personal Lives, Inheritance Perspectives, and Small Places


Reproductive Choices of Lesbian-Headed Families in Russia: From the Last-Soviet Period to Contemporary Times

Doing Family ”In the Space Between the Laws”: Notes on Lesbian Motherhood in Greece


Gay Fathers, Surrogate Mothers, and the Question of the Human: A Postcolonial Feminist Analysis of Emotions in Barn till varje pris?


Not Gay as in Happy, but Queer as in Fuck You: Notes on Love and Failure in Queer(ing) Kinship



Queer Biology?



Sascha Schneider: Återupptäckt konstnär med öga för nakna män: Silke Opitz (red.) Sascha Schneider: Ideenmaler & Körperbildner / Visualizing Ideas through the Human Body, och utställningen ”Nude in Public: Sascha Schneider, Homoeroticism and the Male Form circa 1900”


A Valuable Book for the Sámi Community – and Others: Elfrida Bergman and Sara Lindquist (eds.) Queering Sápmi: – Sámi muitalusat mat rihkkot norpma 2013


Change and Consistency in the Treatment of Lesbianism in Swedish Literature: Jenny Björklund Lesbianism in Swedish Literature: An Ambiguous Affair


Killing Mothers: Feminisms, Love Power, and Critique: Lena Gunnarsson The Contradictions of Love: Towards a Feminist-Realist Ontology of
The next issue is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of lambda nordica and contains amongst others an overview of lambdas history by former editor Göran Söderström;  ‘Ett vetenskapligt äventyr under ett kvarts sekel med positiv utgång’. (’A scientific adventure during a quarter of a century with positive outcomes’).

The issue will be released at an anniversary seminar at Stockholm pride taking place July 27th – August 2nd. Further information about time and place will follow in a separate newsletter about the anniversary arrangements!
Other LN-news:
- Professor in gender studies elected for lamba nordica´s board: One new representative for lambda nordica’s board was elected at the annual meeting March 24th, 2015: professor in gender studies Ulla Manns. Manns received her doctoral degree in history of ideas and is today working at the gender studies divisiona of the Department of culture and learning at Södertörn University. She has solid experiences from working with academic journals, amongst others as an editor for the previous Kvinnovetenskapligt tidskrift (today TGV). We warmly welcome professor Manns to the board!
- Lambda nordica listed at Citefactor: our board member Anders Hansson has recently made lambda nordica part of Citefactor’s listing, so that we can easily see how much lambda’s articles are cited by others. Citefactor is a listing service for peer-reviewed open-access journals with a scientific or academic character. It also includes a bibliometric index, the impact factor, measuring how often articles in the listed journals are cited by other researchers.
External events!

We also want to take the opportunity to notify our readers about other interesting events in the LGBTQ research area:

Seminars and conferences:

– The Queer Seminar at Stockholm University:

The Queer seminar of Stokholm university is an interdisciplinary forum hosted by the gender studies department since 1996. The seminar focuses on humanist and social scientific critical research on heteronormativity. The seminar is open for everyone, independent of academic level or background. For information or points of view, or to be part of our mailinglist, please contact Fanny Ambjörnsson ( or MariaMargareta Österholm (
The springterm 2015 was dedicated to queer aesthetics and has now come to an end. Look for new exciting seminars in the fall program in August!

The Queer Seminar at Uppsala University:


The queer seminar is an interdisciplinary seminar arranged by researchers and doctoral students. It offers a meeting place for everyone who feels that the term queer is relevant for their lives or work- in practice, theory and/or acitvism. It is not necessary to notify in advance if you want to participate in the seminar. Our seminars are arranged in different locations. Enquiries about accessability, road directions, tips and points of view, or to receive our news letters, please e-mail

We warmly welcome you! Signe, Maria Margareta, Kristin and Moa!

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