Instructions for Authors

Authors are welcome to submit a manuscript to lambda nordica. The board of editors receives submitted manuscripts, manages peer review and takes decisions on whether to publish a submitted manuscript.


Unpublished manuscripts in the field of the journal may be emailed, preferably as Word documents, to the board of editors ( or one of the editors). Images or illustrations (JPG format, resolution ≥ 300 dpi) are preferably emailed or sent to the editors on CD or memory card. Authors are kindly requested not to submit original images. Authors are informed that the journal is not responsible, unless otherwise agreed, for negotiating or financing royalties relating to third-party images.

At receipt of a new manuscript, the board of editors will preferably provide the author with a copy of the publishing agreement, see below. After a brief initial review of the article, the editors will decide whether to present it to anonymous peer reviewers. For each submitted article, the board of editors aims to take a decision whether to publish it without delay. The actual time required however depends on the actual workload on the editors as well as the availability of a peer reviewer in the field of the article.

Proof reading

After a manuscript has been accepted for publication, the editors may effect alterations to the manuscript. Generally speaking, the editors will send the alterations to the author (or one of the authors) for review, expecting to hear any comments from the author within 48 hours.

Length and language

An article preferably comprises between 5,000 and 7,000 words including notes and references. Accepted languages are Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and English. For articles in the English language, the editors may request a summary (about one page), which they will translate into Swedish.

Notes and references

Notes and references are given according to the Author-Date system of the Chicago Manual of Style, see the “Author-Date” tab of the online version.

Publishing agreement

A decision by the board of editors to publish a manuscript concludes a publishing agreement between the author and the association lambda nordica. Unless otherwise agreed, the agreement will follow lambda nordica‘s standard author agreement text. The agreement defines the respective rights and obligations of the author and the association. The agreement can be terminated with the consent of both parties.

Publication malpractice

When there is a suspicion of publication malpractice, the editors will proceed in accordance with the current guidelines adopted by the organization Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE; British company number: 06389120). COPE’s guidelines address several typical situations, such as plagiarism, fabrication of empirical data, appropriation by a peer reviewer of matter from the reviewed text, incorrectly designated author(s) as well as conflict of interest.

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