New Issue 3-4/2014 – Kinship & reproduction


THIS SPECIAL ISSUE edited by Ulrika Dahl together with guest editor Jenny Gunnarsson Payne offers new perspectives on the timely themes of queer kinship and reproduction and is drawn from the workshop Reproducing Kinship, Queering Reproduction: Familial Bonds in the Age of Assisted Reproductive Technologies organized in Stockholm in 2013. The articles and essays by anthropologists, sociologists, and media scholars critically engage and extend the so far largely Anglo-American dominated field of queer kinship and reproduction studies. Presenting empirical data from case studies in Finland, Russia, Greece, and Sweden, topics such as lesbian motherhood, queer will-writing, gay men and transnational surrogacy, queer biology, and kinship theory are addressed

ULRIKA DAHL and JENNY GUNNARSSON PAYNE: Introduction:(Re)thinking Queer Kinship and Reproduction

ANTU SORAINEN: Queer Personal Lives, Inheritance Perspectives, and Small Places

ALISA ZHABENKO: Reproductive Choices of Lesbian Headed Families in Russia: From the Last-Soviet Period to Contemporary Times

VENETIA KANTSA and ASPA CHALKIDOU: Doing Family ”In the Space Between the Laws”: Notes on Lesbian Motherhood in Greece

JOHANNA GONDOUIN: Gay Fathers, Surrogate Mothers and the Question of the Human: A Postcolonial Feminist Analysis of Emotions in Barn till varje pris?

ULRIKA DAHL: Not Gay as in Happy, but Queer as in Fuck You: Notes on Love and Failure in Queer(ing) Kinship

SARAH FRANKLIN: Queer Biology?

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