Founded: 1989

Published: 3 issues per year, from which one is a double issue; Open Access

No. of pages

  • Single Issue: ca 69 s.
  • Double Issue: ca 128 s.

Size: 15 x 21 cm

Illustrated: Yes

ISSN: 1100-2573 (print), 2001-7286 (online)



lambda nordica is a Nordic-based scientific peer-reviewed journal presenting research in Humanities and Social Sciences with relation to LGBT and Queer Studies. We strive to support the dialogue between established and younger scholars to inspire to more LGBTQ research in the Nordic area and support the initiative to new research areas in the field. The journal also introduces and reviews international LGBTQ literature.

Throughout the period 2018–2020, the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) provides part-time funding for our editors-in-chief Jenny Björklund and Ulrika Dahl. An aim of this funding is to support the distribution of qualified research results in humanities and social sciences.

Prices 2019

Sweden International
Individual 275 375
Institution 650 750

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