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What Is New in Nordic Queer Studies?


Deadline for abstracts: September 1, 2017

lambda nordica- Nordic journal for LGBTQ studies is the oldest journal for interdisciplinary LGBTQ studies in the Nordic region. Since 1995, the journal has been central to the establishment and development of this field of academic research, frequently offering cutting edge issues on topics such as queer theory, queer methodologies, crip theory, transhealth, queer femininities, temporalities and histories, queer postcolonial Europe (forthcoming) and so on. With both English and Scandinavian languages as possible publication languages, lambda nordica is increasingly becoming a crucial way for researchers based in the Nordic region to communicate their research findings beyond the region. For this special issue, for which we expect a fast turn-around, we wish to highlight the diversity of on-going research in the field, and especially welcome submissions that point to new empirical and theoretical directions. We encourage submissions of reworked conference presentations, articles based on on-going and recently completed doctoral research, new research projects, or work that has emerged ‘alongside’ other projects.

Topics can include, but are in no way limited to:

* What has happened to concepts that have long been dear to the field, such as ‘heteronormativity’?

* What does new materialism and the materialist turn do for LGBTQ studies?

*How do scholars in LGBTQ studies deal with questions of critical whiteness, postcoloniality, intersectionality, religion and secularity, globalization, migration, transnationalism and indigeneity?

* What does the rise of a strong, conservative right wing political agenda across all Nordic nations mean for LGBTQ people and their concerns?

* How do LGBTQ scholars theorize (public) space in relation to bodies, movements, safety, comfort, and belonging?

* What is new in art, sport, literature, performance and music?

* How do queer studies scholars engage with gaming cultures, social media and/or reproductive technologies?

* LGBTQ utopias and dystopias

Articles should be between 5,000 and 7,000 words including footnotes and references and should not have been published previously. Submissions can be in English or the Scandinavian languages. For more detailed instructions, see the journal webpage:

We ask you to send us one-page abstracts for article submissions.

Deadline for abstracts: September 1, 2017

Deadline for articles: December 1, 2017

Publication: 2nd half of 2018

Please send queries and submissions to: and/or

lambda nordica is a Nordic peer-reviewed academic journal for research in the Humanities and Social Sciences with relation to LGBT and Queer Studies. We strive to support the dialogue between established and younger scholars to inspire to more LGBTQ research in the Nordic area and support the initiative to new research areas in the field. The journal also introduces and reviews international LGBTQ literature.

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