Nytt nummer 1/2017 Öppet nummer

The first issue of 2017 is an open issue with a Nordic focus; the authors come from Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and they explore queer themes and issues in the Nordic region. While the authors deal with the Nordic region, they remain careful not to reproduce geopolitical categories in the telling of queer stories. The articles reflect some of the diversity of Nordic queer studies by addressing a wide range of themes: gender dysphoria in autobiographical texts by Finnish trans people, queer automobility in interwar Sweden, and homoerotic poetry by Norwegian writer Åsmund Sveen. In the We’re Here section Kaisa Ilmonen, Mathias Danbolt and Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen take issue with the status of queer studies in the Nordic region.

Tryckta exemplar av 1/2017 Öppet nummer är redo för leverans i början/mitten av v. 20.

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